How It Works
How It Works

You’ve created your account… now what?

If this is your first time using our site you may need some instructions on HOW IT WORKS.

Firstly, plan ahead.

Choose the photos you want to use in your photobook. In today’s digital age it’s easy to take hundreds, even thousands, of photos - take some time to narrow your photos down. Choose carefully - choose images that tell your story, the ones that are worthwhile keeping. Even if it’s not perfect it may be an important memory for you. Move these photos into a separate folder or folders so you can easily access them.

Now you are ready to get started.

Step 1 - Log in and choose your African adventure template

Once you have logged in you will be taken to your dashboard. Here you will see a list of all of your African adventures you have created - if you have none yet then click ‘Create new photobook’. Select the template that you would like to use from the list, or enter the voucher code supplied to you which will take you directly to the correct template. You will also be asked for your date of stay which is important as it will give you access to photos relevant to your date of stay. Once you are happy click ok.

You will now be taken to the photobook editor. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the interface. The panel to the left is where photo libraries are shown. There are 2 tabs 'My Photos' (which consist of any libraries you have added) and 'Public' (which are libraries made available for use in the template). By clicking on any of the libraries or albums you will be able to preview all images within them.

The main section of the window has a toolbar along the top - tools will change depending on if a page or a single placed photo is selected.

The large page shown in the middle of the window is your active page. Your photobooks page layout appears along the bottom of the window. By clicking on a page it will make that page active.

2. Create a photo album and add your photos

To add an album click on the + where you will be prompted to add an album name and description. Once done, select the album you have created which will give you access to that album. You can then click the upload button and start adding your images. Now you will realise why planning ahead was so important - you don’t want to get this far and realise you have too many images to choose from - uploading them all will waste time and, after all, you want to get going with your photo book - don’t you?

(You can also add photo albums from your dashboard by selecting ‘My Photos’ and adding a new album there. Here you will get more control of the images in your album with options to edit and delete photos.)

3. Create your book by adding your photos - drag and drop the photos onto the placeholders

The grey blocks on the pages are the placeholders. Drag and drop the photos you want to use onto the blocks on the template and you will very quickly start to see your photobook transform in front of your eyes.

Photos that have already been used in your book will be indicated with a green tick in the album - this is to prevent you from accidentally using an image twice. Images that have been used more than once will be indicated with a red tick. Its up to you if you want to replace them or not.

If an exclamation mark appears over a photo you have placed it means the resolution of the photo is not sufficient for the size you have used it at. Either reduce the photo within the placeholder or if it is maximum size rather use that photo in a smaller block.

Extra pages can be added at any point to accommodate as many photos as you wish. Pages are always added as spreads (2 pages). When clicking the add page button you can then select a page layout of your choice from the template pages. You can change the position of a page in your book by clicking the left and right arrows with that page selected.

If you click on a different page you will be prompted to save the previous page you were working on. By clicking cancel all changes on that page are lost.

4. Place your order - make payment and checkout

Take some time to have a good look through your completed photobook to ensure that you are happy with your masterpiece. Make sure you do a careful spell check of any text you have added - the last thing you want is a silly spelling mistake ruining your book. Also check that there are no grey placeholders that have not been filled as again that will ruin your book.

Now you are ready to checkout. Fill in the required details and make payment via the secure gateway.

5. You are done! - Download your pdf or wait for delivery of your printed book

Congratulations! You are soon to be the proud owner of your own exclusive photo book. Enjoy reliving the memories of your African adventure, as you share your special moments with friends and family. Remember - a photo book can also be a wonderful gift option should you want to treat a family member with their very own copy.