Frequently Asked Questions


No. Creating an account is free. The only time a payment is required is once you place an order for your photo book - either the printed version or the downloadable pdf.

We require only your name and a valid email address for you to create an account. Once you complete your photo book we will require more information for the order process.

You can select a template by browsing through our list of public templates or - if you have a voucher code for a specific template - you can gain access to that template by entering that code.

Our templates are specially designed to suit a unique purpose. Much care has gone into each one to ensure you have enough options for different page layouts. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you to create a stunning photo book. By simplifying the process it will save you time as you do not have to worry about the other elements within the template and you can get on with the all important job of placing your photos.

The grey blocks are placeholders - these are the areas you add your photos to. Make sure you fill all of them so you don’t end up with unsightly grey blocks in your photo book

The higher the resolution the better the photo will come out once printed. Ideally your photos should be 230dpi to 300dpi at the size they are to be used. This can be confusing as most cameras generate photos in 72dpi. So as a guideline the minimum pixels dimensions for a photo that would be used on a full single page within one of our photo books would be about 2726 pixels (w) x 1974 pixels (h).

If the resolution of your photo is insufficient for the size you have used it, you will see a warning on the photo once it is placed inside a placeholder.

This may mean one of two things:

  1. The photo is not large enough to fill the selected placeholder - in which case rather use that photo in a smaller placeholder.
  2. You have enlarged the photo too much within the placeholder - in which case you can reduce it until the warning disappears.

Unfortunately there is no process to improve the quality of poor photos. We realise that some poor quality photos hold sentimental value, so what we suggest, if you really want to use a poor quality photo in your book, is to use it in one of the smaller placeholders - it will be less noticeable than having it as a large image on a page - but at least the memory will still be there.

These images are high quality images, uploaded by various photographers, that have been made available for you to use in your photo book. These images are great for if you missed the perfect shot - or your photo came out poorly - but would still like to have a photo of an animal or scene in your photo book. All of these images are suitable for use as full page images. Premium images can really give your photo book a professional edge so are well worth the minimal amount that is charged for their use.

If a photo has already been placed in your photo book, a green tick appears over the thumbnail in the library pane. This helps you to determine which images have or have not been used.

Once an image has been placed in a placeholder it can easily be removed by selecting it and clicking remove image in the toolbar. Alternatively if you place a new image into that placeholder it will replace the previous one.


You can save and return to your photo book as many times as you wish until such time that you are satisfied that it is complete - at which point you can then place your order.

Because of the difference between the way colours are created on a monitor (RGB) and when printed (CMYK), there will always be a slight difference, both in colour representation and in brightness levels. The settings of your monitor will also play a part - if your monitor is set too bright it may result in your printed book appearing darker than it appears on your monitor.

Check your book carefully - it means that somewhere there is a page that has a placeholder without a photo in it. To rectify this just add a photo to the placeholder - after all you wouldn’t want your photo book to have a grey block on one of the pages.

Payfast is a secure, online payment processing gateway. They have all the security in place to ensure your transaction is completed safely and your credit card details are kept secure.

A voucher code can be used initially to access the correct template for the supplied voucher code. This will apply the voucher amount to your order once you check out. Alternatively if you have already started creating your photo book and have later received a voucher code for that template - you can use the code during the check out process to qualify for the discount. Only one voucher code may be used per order.